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                #include "Resume.h"
                void Resume::SetBasicInformation()
                    m_Name			= "Stijn Doyen";
                    m_DateOfBirth	= Date("October 19th 1992");
                    m_Nationality	= NAT_BELGIAN;
                void Resume::SetLanguageLevels()
                    m_LanguageLevel[Dutch]	 = LL_MOTHER_TOUNGE;
                    m_LanguageLevel[English] = LL_VERY_FLUENT;
                    m_LanguageLevel[French]	 = LL_WORKING_KNOWLEGDE;
                void Resume::SetEducation()
                    AddEducation(2011 - 2014, "University College PIH West - Flanders.", 
                            "Digital arts and Entertainment");
                    AddEducation(2008 - 2009, "De Avondschool Oostende", 
                            "PHP / Mysql");
                    AddEducation(2007 - 2008, "Art school of Ostend, Belgium", 
                            "Graphical design(html / css / Photoshop / illustrator)");
                    AddEducation(2008 - 2011, "Koninklijk Atheneum 1 Oostende Centrum", 
                            "Math - Sciences");
                    AddEducation(2004 - 2008, "Koninklijk Atheneum 1 Oostende Centrum", 
                            "Latin - Math");
                void Skillset::AddMainSkills()
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Extensive C++11 Programming knowledge, including STL");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Able to follow and adapt to specific coding standards");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Fast learning of new languages or coding environments");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Strong 3D math skills and basic Physics knowledge");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Writing clean, structured and readable code");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Experience with Direct - X(9 and up) graphics programming"
                            "(Post Processing, HLSL shaders, Instancing and render pipeline)");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Experience with multithreading");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Highly motivated and structured worker");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("Experience with SCRUM");
                    m_MainSkills.Add("A strong driving force to meet specific targets and deadlines");
                void Skillset::AddSecondarySkills()
                    m_SecondarySkills.Add("Experience with both lowpoly and highpoly pipeline");
                    m_SecondarySkills.Add("Design and build a level from scratch");
                    m_SecondarySkills.Add("Ability to communicate with artists and explain technical matters");
                    m_SecondarySkills.Add("Look at technical things from an artist's perspective");
                void Skillset::AddCodingLanguages()
                    m_CodingLanguages.add("C++ (11)");
                    m_CodingLanguages.add("php / mysql");
                    m_CodingLanguages.add("html / css");
                void SoftwareExperience::AddCodingAndGamedevelopmentSoftware()
                    m_CodingAndGamedevSoftware.Add("Microsoft Visual studio(2010 - 2013)");
                    m_CodingAndGamedevSoftware.Add("Intel VTune amplifier");
                void SoftwareExperience::AddSourceControlSoftware()
                    m_SourceControlSoftware.Add("Source control software");
                void SoftwareExperience::AddCommercialGameEngines()
                    m_CommercialEngines.add("Unity 3D");
                void SoftwareExperience::Add3DArtSoftware()
                    m_3DArtsSoftware.add("Autodesk 3D studio Max");
                    m_3DArtsSoftware.add("Autodesk Mudbox");
                    m_3DArtsSoftware.add("Adobe Photoshop");
                    m_3DArtsSoftware.add("Quixel DDO / NDO2");
                void Achievments::AddNotableAchievments()
                    m_Achievments.Add("Vlaamse programmeerwedstrijd 2011 (Official Flemish programming competition)", 
                            "Ended 6th out of 37 competing groups");
                    m_Achievments.Add("Vlaamse programmeerwedstrijd 2010 (Official Flemish programming competition)", 
                            "Ended 16th out of 35 competing groups"
                            "(competing alone in 5th year of highschool against univerity students)");
                    m_Achievments.Add("DAE Gamejam 2013", "Ended 4th place with our game Death and Explosions");
                    m_Achievments.Add("Artgame Weekend 2013", "My idea got voted in the top 12 and made the final cut."+
                    "The jury liked our project and invited us to present it at the annual fair in Lille, France");
                void OtherInfo::AddPassions()
                    m_Passions.add("Music(metal, punk, ...) I listen to it every moment I get the chance.");
                    m_Passions.add("Going to music festivals");
                    m_Passions.add("Playing guitar");
                    m_Passions.add("Playing video games (mostly RPGs)");
                void OtherInfo::Prospects(const string& question)
                    if (question == "Where do I see myself in 5 years")
                        return "I enrolled DAE to become a game developer, and that is exactly what I want to be."+
                        "I want to learn everything there is to know."+
                        "Most importantly, I would like to work at a company that creates games with a passion,"+
                        "and work on games that I can be proud of and would enjoy playing myself.";