Death And Explosions4th place DAE game jam 2013

Do you have what it takes to survive DAE?

Death And Explosions is a game about the life of an average DAE student.
As a DAE student you will have to deal with tons of assignments and hand them in before the deadline.
Do you think you can handle the stress or will your brain simply explode?
Will you be able to have a good night sleep from time to time or suffer from severe burn-outs?
Find yourself and don't get lost in the crowd, be original!

Death And Explosions, still mad enough to study DAE?

This game was created by a group of 5 members (2 programmers and 3 artists) in 2 days during the DAE Game jam 2013
We were awarded the 4th place by the votes of every contestant.


Death And Explosions from Stijn Doyen on Vimeo.

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Stijn Doyen
Stijn Delaruelle

Bruno Lebrun
Stijn Grooten
Houari karim