Keen++A remake of a 1991 DOS game with CHIBI-Engine


As part of the Programming4 course of DAE we had to create a remake of an old game in C++. img
Since I was already working on the CHIBI-Engine, I took this opportunity to test and see if my CHIBI-Engine had everything it needed for 2D games.

I am proud to say that this was much easier than expected, since the CHIBI-engine had everything and more!
I even found the time to create a tile-based level editor so the creating of levels is much more dynamic.
All the UI tools (buttons, sliders, textboxes) are created and managed by the UI class of the CHIBI-Engine. No custom libraries or Windows API was used.

I am still tweaking this remake from time to time by adding new features since Commander Keen 4 has an active modding comunity that could use tools like this.

Commander Keen 4 was a game by ID Software released for DOS in 1991. This is a noncommercial fan project using sprites and soundfiles that where found on the web. All rights to original Commander keen 4 content belong to their respective owners. More info on the original game can be found here: