Commander keen 3DA 3D remake of commander keen 4 using direct-x 10 and nvidia physics

Commander keen 3D

This 3D adaptation was developed in an engine we made together with the teachers during the courses as the exam of the second semester of the second year DAE. It uses DirectX 10 and Nvidia PhysX.

This project includes the following:

  • DirectX 10 implementation.
  • Nvidia PhysX
  • A binary model reader
  • Animated .x models
  • Shadows
  • Several different HLSL shaders.
  • Character Controller
  • Nvidia physics fluids
  • Post-processing shaders (the fading effect and underwater effect)
  • Particles using billboards rendered with geometry shader

Commander Keen 4 was a game by ID Software released for DOS in 1991. This is a noncommercial fan project using sprites that where found on the web. All rights to original Commander keen 4 content belong to their respective owners. More info on the original game can be found here:


Used software

  • Visual Studio 2012
  • 3D Studio Max 2013
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Nvidia Shader FX
  • 3D engine we made together with the teachers in class


Commander Keen 3D from Stijn Doyen on Vimeo.

Screen shots

  • Keen3D
  • Keen3D
  • Keen3DNvidia physX fluids
  • Keen3DUnderwater post processing shader