SPACESHIPArtgame weekend 2013 project



Have you ever played Faster Than Light thinking "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to play this game in real life and crawl into the skin of one of the units?" Well, we present to you "Spaceship AGWE". In this real life game, you are in control of a spaceship and it's different component. Just as you are about to arrive at your destination, shit hits the fan.

You play with 3 people and have to fix all kinds of problems on 6 computers spread across the room. Each player has its own role (Marine, Fireman or Mechanic) that allows them to fix specific problems.
On the central computer you can see the status of every system, and if somethings goes wrong you'd better start running.

Every component has it's own purpose in the game, so if one of them is disabled the game gets harder. The goal is to survive for just 4 minutes. This seems short but when the engine room is hacked, which stops the timer, while the Marine is disarming a bomb in the power generator and suddenly the oxygen pumps stop working.... four minutes, it's a long time 

You can think of this game as one of those old text-based RPGs. This is beacuse there is next to nothing on the screen. It just says "FIRE" or "ALIEN INVASION", but you never see a flame nor do you see an alien. It's all in your head, and that's a very unique experience.

This game was made in under 48 hours during the Artgame Weekend gamejam. The orginal idea was a project that I pitched during the pitching stage. I recieved 14 votes so the idea ended up in production.

You can read more information about the artgame weekend on my blog.

Personal work

I was mainly responsible for the following tasks
  • Networking
  • Login system
  • Fixing mechanisms
  • Room behaviours
  • Bug fixing


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Elliot Boxctaele
Nicolas Crevon
Romane Govin

Pierre Stempin
Sam Hambrouck
Stijn Doyen

Brice Dubat