Level DownSide scroll hack and slash anti-RPG

What if you would Level Down instead of leveling up?

Level Down is a vertical side scrolling hack and slash anti-RPG.
img You crawl into the skin of Damian, a demi-god. Unfortunately, he is a very stupid demi-god. Because he likes to mess around with the gods, they sentenced him to an eternity of damnation in hell, where you have to get rid of all the scum.
The only problem is, for every life you take, you lose experience
How far will you be able to decent until your powers are too weak?

Level down, not another RPG!

The general idea is that you start with all skills maxed out, and lose experience throughout the game. Because the enemies maintain the same difficulty, the game gradually gets harder. Try to decent as deep as possible before meeting your doom.

This game was created by a group of 4 members (2 programmers and 2 artists) for the Integration Project 2 course of the second year of DAE.

The goals of the course were

  • Learn to estimate the workload of creating a game
  • Working as a group
  • Creating a game with the XNA framework
  • Working with version control tools (Perforce)

The game was made using a very basic framework handed to us by the teachers where we had to add most of the visual and technical features like particles, physics, animations, lighting, etc. ourselves.


I was responsible for
  • Implementing BEPU physics into the framework
  • Implementing DPSF (particles) into the framework
  • Combat
  • Basic enemy AI
  • Leveling down
  • Shaders (both in-game and post processing)
  • Creating particle systems
  • Exporting animated models from 3DS max into the game
  • Level editor max script that saves as a .xml


  • LevelDown
  • LevelDown
  • LevelDown
  • LevelDown
  • LevelDown
  • LevelDown
  • LevelDown


Stijn Doyen
Mias Vleminckx

Kenny Guillaume
Stijn Vercruysse